Gongura Pickle

Gongura Pickle

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  • This Gongura Pachadi comes together with a whole rich of flavours and spices like red chillies, coriander, fenugreek and cumin to truly pamper your senses.
  • Gongura Pachadi is an Andhra delicacy made using Sorrel Leaves.
  • It is one of the all-time favorite pickles because of its tangy and spicy taste.
  • Apart from the burst of flavour its brings to the palate, sorrel leaves are also known for alleviating symptoms of cold, cough and fever.
  •  Gongura pachadi also known as gongura chutney is a Andhra style side dish made with sorrel leaves, red chilies, garlic and other basic spices.
  • There are two types of gongura: the red-stemmed and the green-stemmed variety.
  • Those are all the health benefits of gongura leaves that not only rich in various vitamins and minerals, but also bring great benefit in daily diet and weight management.
  • Furthermore, by consume the leaves frequently it will bring an optimal digestive and body metabolic system.

Benefits of Gongura pickle:

  • Gongura leaves are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial in nature.
  • It heals ulcers, wounds, boils etc. It is also helpful to treat swelling.
  • Reduces Cholesterol Level.
  • The gongura leaves have lipid lowering properties that help to prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • They are a rich source of iron, vitamins, folic acid and anti-oxidants essential for human nutrition. 

Nutrition Value of Gongura Pickle

Servings                   :         12  Amount per serving

Carbohydrates         :    6 g

Protein                 :          2 g

Potassium         :          60 mg

Calcium                 :          41 mg


Redchilli powder,Gongura Leaf,Tamarind,salt,garlic,peanut oil.

100% natural and No preservatives,It is 250 grams

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